Chesed – Caring Congregants

“One needs something to believe in, something for which one can have whole-hearted enthusiasm. One needs to feel that one’s life has meaning, that one is needed in this world.” —Hannah Szenes

At Ohev, we are fortunate to have fellow members who are there for you to provide help when needed. Separately, we like to be proactive by acknowledging the good and reaching out to check how you are. Here are some examples of our involvement:

Meal prep and delivery – Just had a baby? Just got home from the hospital? Sitting shiva in your home?  Our team has you covered.

Chesed can provide you with multiple dinners. Meals are made by Chesed members in their own home. We are fine if you’re Kosher, Non-Kosher, Meat Eater, and all the various likes. We set a schedule and tell the cooks what you like and don’t like, and it’s done. You enjoy!

Phone calls, emails, cards and texts – If you’re celebrating something big, we are too and we’ll be sending you our congratulations. There are other times when we’re struggling either from isolation, an illness or loneliness, we’ll contact you to see how you’re doing. For example, we created a phone chain to check in on each congregant during the first year of the pandemic.

Need something or need a ride? We will try to be there to support you.

For CHESED to be successful, we need your help! If you can volunteer your time (particularly during the day) to do any of the above services, please contact:

Executive Director, Missy Lowdermilk at 610-874-1465 or


Chesed Chairperson, Paula Cherner at