Welcome to the Music and Prayer page! On this page, you will find recordings of some of Rabbi Kelilah Miller’s original prayer settings and chants.  You will also find some of our commonly-used prayers, including the blessings before and after Torah readings and Haftarah.  

Rabbi Kelilah Miller’s Original Compositions:

To listen to more of Rabbi Miller’s liturgical compositions and other demos, please visit:


Writing new melodies for ancient prayers and poems has been a surprisingly profound spiritual practice for me over the past few years.  It has demanded that I experience traditional words in new ways, often listening for something underneath them that I have missed in the past.  It has also demanded that I become more familiar with the amazing treasure trove of Jewish music from all over the world as I have sought inspiration for new sounds and rhythms.  It has stretched me as a musician and as a rabbi. 

But even more than writing music, singing some of these new melodies with others has been such a joy-filled experience.  Coming together in song is at the heart of the Jewish spiritual “toolbox”, and I hope to continue to find ways to deepen our communal exploration of music as a path to connection – with one another, with our tradition, and with the Jewish future.


Yedid Nefesh


Link to words:




Link to words:


Min HaMetzar


One vocal only (for learning):


With “Adonai Li” Harmony:


13 attributes of Mercy


Chad Gadya

All parts together:


Part 1 isolated


Part 2 isolated


Part 3 isolated


Link to words:


Shir Shpatzir–YsBo5TyVL4Us3vbREkkiJyW4/view?usp=sharing


Oz VeHadar:

All parts together:


Part #1 isolated:


Part #2 isolated:


Part #3 isolated:


Prayers and Blessings:


Torah Service:


Blessings before and after Torah reading (Aliyah Blessings)


Blessing Before


Blessing After


Blessings before and after the Haftarah


Blessing Before


Blessings After

Blessing #1 :


Blessing #2:


Blessing #3


Blessing #4


Link to text of the blessings:

Hebrew, color coded to the melody


Transliteration, color coded to the melody:


Taking out the Torah (Shabbat Morning Service):


Ein Kamocha:


Vayehi Binsoa:


Bei Ana Rachetz:


Shema and Gadlu:


Returning the Torah to the Ark (Shabbat Morning Service)




Etz Chayim Hi: