David Hoffman

Susan Cherner
1st Vice President

Steve Reuben
2nd Vice President

Ohev Shalom Board of Directors

The Ohev Shalom Board of Directors meets on the 4th Thursday evening of the month at 7:30 PM.  Meetings are open to all members but please let the President know that you will be attending and whether the meeting is being held in person or on Zoom.
Treasurer Sheri Whelpley 6/30/2024
Assistant Treasurer Michael Krauss 6/30/2024
Secretary Libby Cohen 6/30/2024
Men’s Club Representative Jonathan Kersun 6/30/2024
Sisterhood Representative (vacant)
Immediate Past President Joel Fein 6/30/2024
Presidential Advisor Amy Graham 6/30/2024
Presidential Advisor Ben Miller 6/30/2024
Adult Enrichment Sara Marcq 6/30/2023
Architecture/Hiddur Joanne Green 6/30/2023
Budget-Audit Andy Szabo 6/30/2024
Cemetery Stanton Myerson 6/30/2023
Chesed (Mitzvah Corp) Paula Cherner 6/30/2023
Communications–External Ellen Kornfield 6/30/2023
Communications–Internal Bev Dickson 6/30/2024
Development (Fundraising) Lori Feller 6/30/2024
Dues Adjustment Don Abramowitz 6/30/2023
Ethics and Compliance David Hoffman 6/30/2024
Facilities (Bldg & Grounds) Allan Baron 6/30/2023
Human Resources Lesley Wendell 6/30/2024
Interfaith Ron Cole 6/30/2023
Israel/Jewish Affairs Larry Dworkin 6/30/2024
Netzach/Outreach Grants Susan Cherner 6/30/2024
Ritual Naomi Wicentowski 6/30/2023
School Karen Simon 6/30/2024
Social Action Lisa Karlin 6/30/2024
Youth Rebecca Reuben 6/30/2023
Library Sara Marcq 6/30/2023
Membership Cathy Baum 6/30/2024
Boutique Events – i.e. Second Seder, etc. Steve Reuben 6/30/2024
Solicitor/Parliamentarian Bud Berman 6/30/2024
Ex-Officio (Non-Voting) Name
Rabbi Kelilah Miller
Executive Director Missy Lowdermilk