Allison Rovensky, Education Director

Allison has been with our Hebrew School since 2015 as the 4th and 5th grade teacher, and in the past year has taken on the role of Education Director of our Mispallelim religious school. Growing up in Central New Jersey, she attended Hebrew School, but found her true joy and personal Jewish community at sleepaway camp. In high school she worked as an assistant teacher and B’nei Mitzvah tutor at her synagogue, and paid for half of her trip to Israel reading Torah at services Shabbat morning.

Allison has worked with kids of all ages in many different circumstances, from being a preschool teacher to a gymnastics coach to a Jewish sleepaway camp counselor to a Hebrew school teacher. She loves helping kids have “Aha” moments, or watching something click with her students for the first time. Her goal is to inspire another generation of Jews to keep exploring and engaging with our religion, finding joy in Jewish ritual and our deep tradition of asking big questions. Her goal is to make Hebrew school the joyful and positive experience she wanted as a child

Other fun facts about Allison include:
-She spent a semester of college studying abroad in Ghana (West Africa), and has visited 4 continents
-She likes to knit and is in the process of teaching herself macrame
-She likes to play in her garden filled with gnomes, and feels connected to her family’s farming roots when digging in the soil or eating a fresh-grown vegetable
-She loves to listen to music and read with her husband